Investment of your lifetime's earning in a property is certainly an important decision. And you need a partner who takes care of the steps involves in the process like a friend and a guide. We're here to be that friend for you. We ensure all legal documents are provided.
When it comes to buying a property, we know security will always be on top of your list. This is why we provide all legal documents you need - from
  • Booking receipt
  • MOU
  • Booking form
  • 7/12
and even celebration photo.
Clear title of ownership for your property For us, every deal must be sealed. Ensuring all legalities are done thoroughly, we provide a 100% clear title for the property. Every aspect of the history of the property in question is scrutinized in detail. This assures complete ownership of the property to you.
We provide 30 years search report Are there any risks involved in the property purchase transaction? Our search report will give you a clear answer to this question. Giving you precise details of all the historical records of the property, this search report will serve as your bible for the property ownership.

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